Home-made "beads"
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    Default Home-made "beads"


    I just got a wonderful hand-me-down glass grinder to go with my huge hand-me-down stash of art glass. In addition to the more traditional projects, I'd like to make some jewelry out of some of the glass pieces, and suncatchers too.

    Got the cutter, got the grinder - now I need to find out what to use to drill holes through glass pieces. I do have a drill press which should work, and I can rig up something to keep water running onto the piece I'm drilling, but what kind of drill bit would I need? Would one for wood work? Or one for metal? Any of the ones you'd find at a small hardware store in the boonies?

    I'd also do the same with some local stones. I can cut and polish them, but how do I put holes through them (we're talking slices of small stones)


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    Great!! Thanks, Darlene, that's exactly what I needed

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