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Travelling on the frugal path to Freedom

Mommy4Ever's blog, and her family's dream of living free of ANY debts.

  1. Starting on the right foot

    by , 07-14-2009 at 01:33 PM (Travelling on the frugal path to Freedom)
    I have drank nearly a litre of water today. Working from nearly 0 to 2-3 L. So I'm getting it done

    Breakfast today:
    grapefruit juice
    whole grain toast w/ 1 tbsp peanut butter

    tuna season with a bit of vinegar and herbs on a bed of romaine
    prune juice(yes, for the reasons you
    1 whole grain toast.

    4 oz of lean chicken breast
    1 cup green beans steamed
    1 apple

    There's ...
    Weightloss Journey
  2. ok.... since the only shape I'm getting into....

    by , 07-13-2009 at 11:41 PM (Travelling on the frugal path to Freedom)
    is ROUND. I figure it's truly time to do something.

    I've gotten to the point I'm making fat jokes about myself. So I think my self esteem needs a boost.

    I've also come to realize, feeding a man with a furiously high metabolism and 4 growing kids, is really really hard to lose weight.

    I think that the only thing I can do is really, cook myself a separate meal until I hit my goal, and then try to find a balance between the family meal and what I need.
    Weightloss Journey
  3. We had the interview...

    by , 07-13-2009 at 07:05 PM (Travelling on the frugal path to Freedom)
    I think it went really well. They stayed to visit nearly 2 hours. We played with the kids outside. They met the boys, my kids and 2 parents. They asked lots of questions. Got to see the boys interact with me. So it really went well. They got to see the parents with me too. And the one little boy not want to go home, but stay to play with

    They said they need to discuss. So we'll see. The little girl would fit in just fine.

    I'm hoping this is it because I'm tired ...
  4. Tackling the menu...and other thoughts

    by , 07-12-2009 at 08:20 PM (Travelling on the frugal path to Freedom)
    So I handing out the letters to the kids, they loved it. With their input, i have at least 12 suppers and lunches. Dh didn't do it, didn't think he would. They also gave me some ideas of what they'd like for snacks.

    So I can better plan our meals, and efficiently set up for groceries.


    I have an interview tomorrow. The house is ready for it, my energy levels are good. Hopefully it leads to a second interview with this family and the
  5. Restless... brain overloaded with ideas.

    by , 07-10-2009 at 03:29 AM (Travelling on the frugal path to Freedom)
    I can't sleep, my brain is on over drive. Too many ideas rolling around in it.


    Well, dh wants to head out again tomorrow. I don't really feel like it. I have some stuff I want to get done at home.

    So I think I'll go, but come back before everyone else and tackle some tasks. I don't think there'll be much objection I left Sunday morning and have 5 or 6 hours to myself to get ready for the week. Groceries, laundry cleaning etc.
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