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  1. Some Day - What Are You Waiting To Do?

    by , 08-20-2008 at 10:03 AM ([email protected]'s Blog)
    My ten year old daughter asked, "Mom, can we build a miniature doll house?" I said, "Sure, some day." Cassy quizzed me, "When will it be some day?"

    We all do it. Put off learning something new or doing something we have always wanted to experience. We tell ourselves ...

    Some day... I will find the time to quilt, cross stitch, scrapbook, or decorate cakes.

    Some day... I would like to learn how to golf, down hill ski, shoot

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  2. Overflowing Buckets Of Wealth

    by , 07-30-2008 at 04:59 PM ([email protected]'s Blog)
    by Denis Waitley

    With a little discipline and patience, you can make your journey to abundance and personal fulfillment a downhill flow instead of an uphill struggle. The key is to use the “overflowing buckets” concept of creating financial independence.

    Picture your life as a five-step stairway, with you standing at the top and Fulfillment waiting for you at the bottom. Complete this picture by placing a large, empty bucket on each of the five steps and labeling the
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  3. Remember These Words

    by , 07-29-2008 at 09:10 PM ([email protected]'s Blog)
    Don't let go of hope.
    Hope gives you the strength to keep
    going when you feel like giving up.

    Don't ever quit believing in yourself.
    As long as you believe you can,
    you will have a reason for trying.

    Don't let anyone hold your
    happiness in their hands;
    hold it in yours, so it will always
    be within you reach.

    Don't measure success or failure by
    material wealth, but by how you feel;
    our feelings
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  4. Simplify Your Life

    by , 07-29-2008 at 08:43 PM ([email protected]'s Blog)
    You do not need all the clutter you are holding on to.

    Get rid of it now because it is stealing your energy.

    The clutter in your life takes energy to maintain.

    Start with the smallest things.

    Clear away a little and you'll be amazed at the
    vast amounts of energy it releases inside of you.

    Incomplete things also tie up energy.

    Look at all your unread books, and declare them complete.

    Guilt, ...
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