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I'll be sharing some things that I hope visitors will find interesting and helpful. Enjoy!

  1. 8 Reasons Why You Need to Read Your Bills Every Month

    by , 09-03-2009 at 12:30 PM ([email protected]'s Blog)
    The mail comes, you glance at your bills and drop them in the “To Be Paid” pile. Then, on the appointed day, you write out the checks or direct the online bill pay to do its thing and then you forget about it until next month. In the process of paying your bills, do you really read them? Do you look at all the inserts and read the line by line breakdown of what you owe? Do you look for anything that seems odd? If you just pay your bills on auto-pilot without reading them thoroughly, you may be wasting ...
  2. Luck Has Nothing to Do With It

    by , 08-31-2009 at 05:53 PM ([email protected]'s Blog)
    It’s very frustrating when people who don’t know us well attribute our decent financial situation to “luck.” As in, “You’re so lucky that you don’t have debt,” or, “You’re so lucky not to have to worry about your bills.” The conversation usually ends with the other person saying something along the lines of, “I wish I could be as lucky as you.” Of course, good manners dictate that I don’t scoff at their kindly meant words, but I want to tell them that they could be in the same situation as I am, ...
  3. Why Meeting Your Obligations Isn’t Enough

    by , 07-03-2009 at 08:58 PM ([email protected]'s Blog)
    A Life Without Debt: Why Meeting Your Obligations Isn’t Enough

    One of my friends became debt free about year ago. We were at lunch talking about how good it feels to be debt free, especially in the middle of a recession, when she uttered this gem: “It’s so great. I can pay all my bills and still have lots left over for fun stuff.”

    I asked her how much she was allocating to savings and she said, “Nothing right now. We deprived ourselves so much to get the debt paid off ...
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  4. Personal Finance Gets Easier

    by , 04-06-2009 at 04:34 PM ([email protected]'s Blog)
    A coworker is currently getting her financial house in order for the first time. She is paying off a heap of debt, setting up insurance policies and wills, and generally doing all the things she knew that she should have been doing all along. I’m proud of her. But she came to me the other day, flopped in the chair across from mine and said, “I don’t know how you do it.”

    “Do what?” I asked.

    “Keep your finances in such great shape all the time. I’m exhausted. Keeping track ...
  5. The Real Reason People Save Money

    by , 01-16-2009 at 06:33 PM ([email protected]'s Blog)
    This morning it was 2 degrees outside when I woke up. When it’s that cold outside, most people tend to want a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate to warm them up. However, I made myself an iced latte this morning. Most people think I’m crazy for drinking iced coffee when it’s hardly holding a positive temperature outside. The idea of a hot drink does sound appealing, but I honestly enjoy the taste of cold coffee beverages over hot ones — it’s my personal preference. This made me think of other things ...
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