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I'll be sharing some things that I hope visitors will find interesting and helpful. Enjoy!

  1. In Case of Emergency, Cut Here

    by , 08-11-2009 at 07:56 PM ([email protected]'s Blog)
    We all know that we should plan for an emergency. From an early age, we’re taught to have an evacuation plan in case of fire and how to call 911 if we need help. If you live in hurricane, tornado, wildfire, or snowstorm country, you’re taught to keep a kit handy with the supplies you’ll need to survive until things return to normal. But how many of us give any advance thought to preparing for a financial emergency? What would happen if you lost your job tomorrow, or the main earner in your family ...
  2. A Life Without Debt: Getting By In Tough Times

    by , 08-05-2009 at 05:10 PM ([email protected]'s Blog)
    One of the things you learn when you live a life committed to being debt free is how to get by in tough times. We’ve had our share of lean years, emergencies, and layoffs and yet we’ve always managed to remain debt free. The worst time I can remember was after we were first married and were both working low paying jobs. I think we were making about $28,000 between the two of us. We didn’t have much in savings at the time because we hadn’t had time to build up much of a nest egg. I think we had maybe ...