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  1. 1/04/09

    by , 01-04-2009 at 08:24 PM
    Things are finally feeling a little back to normal today.
    DH has been on vacation since December 24. He went back to work today so it was just me and the kids.
    Tomorrow everything should be back to normal. I go back to work and the kids go back to school.
    I made a batch hot dog and hamburger buns and some cinn. rolls today.
    Did a load of laundry so it is all caught up now.
    We had dinner and I deboned the chicken so I could cook up the bones.

    Breakfast ...

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  2. Everything going as planned

    by , 01-03-2009 at 01:46 PM
    Everything is going as planned around here.
    I have only spent .57 on groceries so far.
    That was on some marked down lettuce and coleslaw mix. (spent this on the 31st but am counting it for this month since we will be eating it then)

    Made 4 new recipes already this year.
    Tried a new crockpot oatmeal recipe using steel cut oats.
    The coke pork recipe last night.
    New brussel sprouts recipe
    Lemon poppyseed bread recipe

    They all ...

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  3. Menu or 1/1/09 - 1/9/09

    by , 01-01-2009 at 05:41 PM
    Did a menu plan for the first 9 days of the month.

    1/1 Runza Casserole
    1/2 Cola pork chops (new recipe)
    1/3 Crock Pot. Potato chowder
    HM Roll
    1/4 Sticky Chicken
    Mashed Sweet Potatoes
    1/5 Turkey Burgers
    Pasta Salad
    Baked Beans
    1/6 Turkey Roast
    Mashed Potatoes/Gravy

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