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  1. New year and a new attitude!

    by , 01-06-2010 at 10:25 AM (Life and times on a Iowa farm)
    Ok so i promised myself to be a little more outgoing in the personal way...talking to people..dressing and just feeling good about myself and far so good lol

    DS has slowed doen on the adoption process until they get bet situated for and so forth.

    It is snowing AGAIN, kinda a clam and peaceful snow and its to go on all day, but tommorrow it is to be windy and wicked blowing the snow around.

    Kids have all made it back to ...
  2. Below 0 all this week!!

    by , 01-03-2010 at 08:08 AM (Life and times on a Iowa farm)
    Well every year I go through this and I forget about it...on how cold it can get here. With the 30 ish in. of snow we have recieved this season I thought I was doing good about enjoying the colder temps 5 to 20 and then these past few days and the week ahead hits POW below 0 and it was -30 yesterday morning and thats with out the wind! Burrrrr...

    Sold 2 rabbits yesterday 35 a piece yeah!
    got the heater up and running in the new wash room for the cattle too, but like I said ...
  3. Last day of 2009

    by , 12-31-2009 at 07:52 AM (Life and times on a Iowa farm)
    Well its been a rollercoaster year to say the least. Was very bad for ourselves financially, yet we always looked ahead. We have been blessed with our children and having our needs met. Looking foward to another year ahead.

    Got the Christmas decorations down yesterday and threw out a bunch of Christmas junk that has been sitting around all these years. That is a good start for the basement. I took pictures and plan to post those up with in the next week for that is one of my ...
  4. Boob job!!!

    by , 12-29-2009 at 08:52 PM (Life and times on a Iowa farm)
    Can I say I got one if I bought a new bra from Victoria Secrets?? I have never spent that much money on one before, but I love it (ok so I got 2) buy 1 get 2nd 50% off. It does like the comercial says and makes you look 2 sizes bigger! I am little enough to be happy with that, but would not want to do it if I was busty (oh maybe I am now lol)

    Took the kids to do a little shopping for clothes while the sales were on, good deals to be found now, youngest ds didn't buy anything though, ...
  5. Dr. Mao book

    by , 12-28-2009 at 08:47 AM (Life and times on a Iowa farm)
    Have been reading his book "Second Spring" it is very interesting and I have been taking notes on this and that about foods to eat and avoid, foods for certain health, like apples for a cough...etc. Any ways I do plan on taking some type of a womans supplement this year, eat better for heart health on so one. He talks about different teas too and of course green tea is a good one, I love green tea. Also accupunture (sp) not going to do that one, but one can preform their own accupresser ...
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