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Lazy day.

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by , 01-02-2010 at 12:10 AM (679 Views)
Why do I feel like a lazy bum today? Mostly because you really can't do anything on a holiday especially on the friday of the holiday weekend. I did exercise today-I read my 4 chapters today. Had my first no spend day of the year!!! Yoo-hoo

Son leaves tomorrow - back to his Naval life. God help me, there is an unexplain peace in the absence of your children! LOL It's the truth. I love them, I miss them greatly, but it's alot of work and disruption to my quiet life when they are around.

I did look at all the seed catelogs today, got my wheels aturning about what I desire to plant this year. Anyone have any luck buying plants instead of seeds from them?? Just wondering.

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