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More Craziness in my life!

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by , 06-01-2009 at 07:10 PM (1225 Views)
OK, so this job thing is crazy! In January, we found out my office was closing and consolidating into San Antonio, TX. So I got my notice that July 10th was my last day. Early May I got word that we had been extended until August 31st. Last Thursday, me and one other gal from my department were notified that they'd like us to stay until March 31st, 2010. I have to let them know by tomorrow if I can do it. After talking with my manager and the other gal staying, I think I'm gonna stay and stick it out to the very end.

How quickly things change......

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  1. madhen's Avatar
    Sounds like GOOD change, though! Must be nice to be able to exhale for a minute or two!
  2. hollyhill's Avatar
    HEY!! That's good right? I hope it means that the economy is improving....
  3. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    That's great! And stick with it, who knows, it could be extended indefinitely soon the way things are going there!
  4. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    Who knows, at least you have the security of not having to look for something in a hurry. Some companies offer a bonus if you stay and shut down.
  5. Luckybustert's Avatar
    That's great! There are so many people out looking for jobs right now that it could take you longer than normal to find a new job if you don't stay where you are.
  6. Michelle's Avatar
    Crazy, yes, but it sounds like a "good crazy"