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October Meal Plan

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by , 09-28-2008 at 12:52 AM (1199 Views)
We have a lot of birthdays and events going on that involve eating, so there is quite a few days that we are not having a "meal". I am having my In Vitro procedure on the 16th approximately, so I am making a big pot of Comforting Chicken Noodle Soup so that I have that on hand. Last time I did this, I was so sick from the anesthesia, that I didn't eat much at all for a week. At least if I have soup on hand then if I can eat, I will have the soup.

1) Pork Roast Au Jus, Mashed Potatoes w/pork gravy
2) Eat out for my birthday!
3) Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes w/brown gravy
4) Eat at cousin's wedding reception
5) Mexican Chicken
6) Goulash
7) Chicken Pasta (frozen dinner from Stouffer's)
8) Burritos
9) Chicken Strips w/country gravy and steak fries
10) Chicken Pot Pie
11) Eat Out
12) Sloppy Joes
13) Bowtie Pasta
14) Hamburger Helper
15) Enchiladas
16) No meal planned-having medical procedure
17) No meal planned-recovering from medical procedure
18) No meal planned-recovering from medical procedure
19) No meal planned-recovering from medical procedure
20) Eat out for hubby's birthday!!
21) Hubby cooks - Tuna Helper
22) Hubby cooks - Chicken Strips w/country gravy and steak fries
23) Beef Taco Skillet
24) Chicken & Rice Crockpot recipe
25) Eat at Mom & Dad's for neices birthday
26) Spaghetti
27) Jambalaya
28) Mostaccoli Meatballs
29) Salmon Patties
30) Chicken Helper
31) Hockey Game - Eat out

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  1. LastDragonfly's Avatar
    I'm so glad you posted this. It's given me a few ideas!

    I'll be thinking good thoughts for you on the 16th!
  2. mnmarty03's Avatar
    Wow! Do you actually eat all of those meals on those days?

    I'm impressed by anyone who can do this and stick with it.. I can barely come up with food enough for 7 days (I shop 1 week at a time) let alone a whole month!

    And a lot of your meals sound sooo yummy!