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That's it!

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by , 04-02-2011 at 04:03 PM (1043 Views)
My eating out and related spending and related weight gain is slowly spiraling out of control. I have to figure out how to get control of it. I will start by leaving my debit card at home when I go to work so I am forced to eat what I bring and not just go out because I don't feel like eating what I brought. I will have to plan so that I have my debit card when I need it because I don't carry any cash.

I think also part of my problem is I have no one to keep me accountable. I have my own bank account and no one else sees, knows or cares how I spend my money. So if I buy a Pepsi and 2 donuts for breakfast and then Taco Bell for one but me is affected.

Starting am going to be accountable for my own spending, eating out and weight. I need to be in charge of me. Task 1...make out a list of foods I will eat next week and then go to the grocery store and buy them.

I'm tired of saying I'll do better every time I eat out instead of eating what I've brought. I'm tired of spending so much on food that is only making me gain weight.

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  1. IndigoMom's Avatar
    Don't forget the other perk of bringing what you brought - you don't spend 1/2 your break waiting in line for your food