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Bike Riding

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by , 05-28-2011 at 01:44 AM (977 Views)
G & I bought new bikes a few weeks ago. Wal.mart was having a special on men's and women's bikes for $69 each with free shipping. I have not seen a bike that inexpensive in a long time. I have been looking to buy a bike for awhile. I've looked online and on Craigs.list and have not found found a better deal. So, we bought the bikes and got them assembled. So far we have taken them for 3 rides. We have done about 4 miles each time. It has been nice to get out and ride around the park and get a workout. We have talked about working our way up to longer rides (like 20 or so miles). But, first I need to get a gel seat. My booty has been sore! This will help to get me to fit into that wedding dress I got.

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