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After 24 years...really??

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by , 10-09-2015 at 12:03 PM (1355 Views)
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Keep records of everything.....don't sign anything without your lawyer looking it over...if he is anything like my ex, he will promise you everything....don't believe him.....don't react to anything he says....I know it's hard, but believe me, you are going to be better off without him!!!! Big hug
I think many ex's make promises they have no intention to keep to get you to do something that actually would have legally benefited you. Like, "you take the equity in the house, I keep my pension," that kind of thing should be brought to your lawyer's attention. Because it is in his best interest to be super-nice and promise you the world in order to get you to settle for less. And don't react is right, if anything, hopefully he is out of the house and you interact the least amount possible. I probably said this, but tell him if he calls or texts that you are busy, please send an email. then you have a paper trail in which he hopefully displays manipulation and poor judgment

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