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Frugal Lifestyle? Can I Keep Up With Myself

Extra Income

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by , 01-12-2009 at 06:59 PM (2381 Views)
As of this week I am getting my hours at work cut, to around 3 days a week from 5 days. I am glad I have turned frugal so I don't need to freak out about this, itís perfectly fine.

I sell on eBay and it does well, I always have stock and shouldn't run out for a while. I worked out that to make up for what I am losing at work I will have to sell at least £9 worth of stock a day or about £60 a week. So far since the beginning of last week I have made £195 plus I have £40 in my PayPal account. If business stays like this I shall be fine and it wonít be a problem. As long as the debits and bills get paid for each month I have plenty of food to last then I donít care if I do not have any money left for myself (blow money) as long as I can save as much as I can, then ill be happy.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Good for you!!! It is people like you who say they don't need the extra money who really motivate me. Yes, as long as we have a roof over our heads and food to eat that is really all that matters. You go girl!!!
  2. Gibs's Avatar
    Great attitude!!!
  3. LastDragonfly's Avatar
    Sorry bout the cut in hours but you are good to already know how to be frugal and have ebay to help you thru this time.
  4. Bournecrazy's Avatar
    Wow thanks for the comments, you put a smiel on my face