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15th Jan Update

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by , 01-15-2009 at 07:59 PM (778 Views)
Not much going on today, sent all my post out for eBay sales. Sent myself some more money from paypal that i earned yesterday.

It is starting to enter my bank account now so i am putting it to one side and i will see how much i get paid next week and see if i need to use it to pay bills if not, it will be saved.

I sent in my old mobile phones to my grocery store who will recycle them and i also get 30.00 gift card and 600 points (worth 6.00) to spend instore. I have 2 printer ink cartridges to send in also which will earn me 200 points. When the gift card comes i will go out and get items to replenish my dwindling stockpile.

I have also been looking up recipes as i want to make different meals than what we normally have, which can be very basic. I have looked at stuffed chicken wrapped in ham - looks very nice, also a very nice salmon and prawn pasta.

The chicken, if it turns out ok, i will make more but pre make the chicken up and freeze them that way when i would like it for dinner again i have it already made and should be easier to cook.

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