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Utility Usage Watch

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by , 01-03-2010 at 07:07 PM (914 Views)
I am trying to keep an eye on my electric, gas & water usage and hopefully keep them low this year as i did well last year August - October but i dont know about the rest of the year (only get a bill every 6 month)

So as it stands my current meter reading are as follows:

Elec 1. 21050(day usage 7am-12am)
Elec 2. 16701 (night usage 12am-7am) (much cheaper rate at these times)

Gas: 4672

Water: 0064 Cubic Ft.
(im on a water meter so every drop counts)

I will check on these at the begining of Feb to see what the rise was of each and to see if i can keep it steady for the next month

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Utility Usage Watch