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Jan-Feb Utility Figures

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by , 02-10-2010 at 11:43 AM (723 Views)
Begining of January i wrote down my gas, electric & water meter readings to see how much i use a month.

These are the figures from Jan:
Elec 1. 21050(day usage 7am-12am)
Elec 2. 16701 (night usage 12am-7am)
Gas: 4672
Water: 0064 Cubic Ft.

As of Feb 10th they look like this:
Elec 1. 21222(day usage 7am-12am)
Elec 2. 16750 (night usage 12am-7am) (much cheaper rate at these times)
Gas: 6722
Water: 0071 Cubic Ft.

Elec 1. Used 172
22.98p p/kWh = 39.50

Elec 2. Used 49
4.18p p/kWh = 2.04

Gas - I think i may have wrote this down wrong to start with as looking on my bill in August it was on 6595 i think it was meant to be 6672 if so i have only used 50 units

50 units works out to be 44.39

Water - Used 7 Cubic Ft. 15 - Approx cost before drainage costs

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