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How Great Sex Can Make You Rich

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by , 05-17-2009 at 01:51 PM (2447 Views)
Here's the actual title (didn't want to freak anyone out.):

Financial Advice from a Call Girl: How Great Sex Can Make You Rich

When people think about the best financial advice they have ever received, it usually comes from a family member, a close mentor or a financial guru. So itís with a bit of embarrassment that I must admit that the best financial advice I ever received came from a call girl I slept with in my younger days. Even more surprising, it wasnít intended to be financial advice, but what seemed to be almost an afterthought that she shouted back at me on he way out the door:

ďDonít marry her if she isnít great in bed.Ē

While her comment always stayed in the back of my mind, I never looked at it as financial advice until I realized where I am in my marriage and where many of my friends are. What I realize is that great sex has made me a happier person, saved our family a lot of money and kept me from falling into situations that have cost my other friends a lot of money.

Let me first state that I donít see great sex as having anything to do with sexual prowess or stamina, but everything having to do with compatibility. Great sex isnít an individual performance, but a combined performance between two partners that leaves you both exhilarated.

Having great sex with your partner is certainly not typical financial advice that you will hear in any of the personal finance magazines that you read, but that little gold nugget of advice has made me a lot more wealthy than most of my peers and advice that you should take to heart. Here are some reasons you should consider it a lot harder than you have:

Great sex reduces your entertainment costs: I canít remember the last time I have seen a movie with my wife. This isnít because either of us is cheap or donít enjoy movies, but because there is never a question of what weíd rather choose to do. If you had the choice of a movie or a night of passionate love, which would you choose? Neither of us sees any reason to change this choice even after 15 years of marriage.

Great sex keeps you out of the malls: There is no need for retail therapy when you have a good sex life. You already know what makes you happy so there is no need to go searching for it in the latest gadget that will supposedly make you feel better. Nothing will fulfil you on a daily basis the way a great sex life will.

Great sex means you donít eat out as much: Having a great sex life will mean you eat out a lot less than the average family. Much like with movies, if you have the choice of going out or a dinner in together with extra curricular activities, the dinner in almost always wins.

Great sex keeps you organized: When you are constantly looking forward to being with your partner, you donít want other things to get in the way. You learn to get organized so that when you get home, there is nothing left over from work that needs to be done that could get in the way of the evening activities. Being the once unorganized slob and constant procrastinator that I used to be, I can tell you that having a compelling reason to be organized and get things finished early will ensure that you do. great sex is one of those compelling reasons.

Good sex makes you healthier: According to a study of 90,000 American adults done by Dr. Ted Mcllvenna, from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, sexually active people take fewer sick leaves, are more gregarious and enjoy life more. That means less doctor visits, lower insurance premiums and no need to pay for a gym membership. Except for the unexpected heart attack (that appears to have been more genetic that anything else according to my doctors), I have been in great health during my marriage. I have taken exactly 3 days of sick leave in the 15 years I have been married and I find it hard to believe that many married men look forward to coming home as much as I do.

Great sex means that vacations are less expensive: When you and your partner have great sex together, the focus of a vacation changes dramatically. Most people choose vacations to be entertained, but when you have great sex, you choose vacations for the mood that they create. Time isnít spent going from tourist attraction to tourist attraction, but spending time together enjoying the time and the atmosphere. Even when we pay extra to create a more romantic mood, the vacations are still far less than friends who vacation to be entertained.

Great sex means that you have no reason to cheat on your partner: A lot of people cheat on their partners for a lot of different reasons, but if the two of you have great sex together, it takes away the biggest reason for either of you to cheat on one another. Having affairs can be an expensive habit that can drain money from your overall wealth, especially when money is being hidden in order to maintain the affair. Great sex can keep you from ever making this costly mistake.

Great sex means youíll stay married: That affair can become a lot more costly if it ends up resulting in divorce. If you want to keep your net worth secure, you donít ever want to get divorced. Iíve seen first hand what it has done to a number of my friends financially, and itís not a pretty sight. There is a reason why people say that divorce is like taking all the money you have to the top of a tall building and then throwing handfuls of hundred dollar bills out of the window as fast as you can because that is essentially what happens. If you have great sex together, there is a lot less likelihood that either one of you will see divorce as something that you want or need.

What this all means is that our savings and net worth are a lot healthier than most of the friend that Iíve known over the years. It isnít that we make more money, but that we have found a way to spend time together that costs little money and which we both enjoy immensely. Spending our time having great sex instead of spending money on other things means that we will retire with plenty of money without ever having to have struggled they way most people do.

So I pass along the best financial advice I have ever received from a call girl who didnít even realize she was giving such important financial advice: ďWhen you choose a partner, make sure that you have great sex together.Ē

-Author: S. Shugars

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