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My Garden Plans:

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by , 04-21-2009 at 06:23 PM (2856 Views)
This is something I've been wanting to do for 3 years and finally feel like I've worked towards it.... along with Greebo's help THANK YOU DEAR! The picture of the house is from when Greebo moved in 6 years ago, so don't envy the boat, its not ours. hehehe. And at that time all of the shrubs were small. This past year they all reached 4-5 feet tall.

The front of the house gets 6+ hours of good full sun and I always feel bad for not taking full advantage of it... well no longer. Greebo has taken out the shrubbery that I wasn't able to dig up and we put in some good garden soil. He also is building me 2 raised beds, one 2 feet high (pictured) and another (1 foot high) that will go in front of it with some walking room in between.

On the porch you will see my portable greenhouse (4 shelves and a zippered cover) that holds the seedlings ($20 at an end of season sale - not too bad). No, you won't, it didn't upload. I'll try to add that later. So far there is zucchini, yellow squash, pickling cukes, some peppers that haven't peeked out yet, and lots of bush beans. The window boxes contain Swiss chard but not much has popped up. I also have some green onions and some lettuce mix in my smaller window boxes.

I figure a trellis will be behind the taller raised bed and the cukes can trail their way upward and the bush beans will be in the lower bed and help hide the one behind. It will leave me enough room in that front bed for my cabbage that I'll transplant directly into the ground (in two of my pots right now).

In the "L" shaped bed I'll be putting some zucchini and squash and line the front with my bok choy (in two smaller pots right now).

The backyard bed is 4'x25' and I have one row of carrot seed sewn already. Also not pictured. I'll be filling the far end of it with a few rows of sweet corn every few weeks so I can get some extended harvesting. I am thinking more of the bush beans will go in front of the carrots since they take so much longer to mature. My peppers will then be potted into my larger containers and maybe a few tomato plants. I haven't fully decided about them yet.

My future goal is to get a small asparagus bed and some rhubarb growing for next year. I don't know where just yet. I would also like to extend the backyard's bed all the way to the fence, but that will take some more time.

I'm certainly hoping to put my dehydrator and my new to me canner to some good work later this summer.
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  1. mauimagic's Avatar
    Very impressive - professional as a matter of fact!! Have fun with it all!!
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Very nice and great plants! I had one of those little greenhouses (but gave it to my Mom) and they worked so good, I looked for one this year but they were already sold out! You are going to have great vegetables! Way to go!
  3. LastDragonfly's Avatar
    It's lovely!
  4. Gabe's Avatar
    You were able to pull him off the AD&D?!
    Did you roll a natural 20 to accomplish this feat?
  5. phoeny_moonstar's Avatar
    Sounds like you had lots of fun gardening today. WTG!
  6. Greebo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gabe
    You were able to pull him off the AD&D?!
    Did you roll a natural 20 to accomplish this feat?
    She's got skill training, "Lure Husband into Working" and the bonus feat that gives it another +5.
  7. nancycg56's Avatar
    Great job!
  8. missyali's Avatar
    Looks good! Enjoy!