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Always looking for the silver lining?

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by , 05-17-2009 at 09:53 AM (1063 Views)
I'm wondering if other people are like this?
I won't call myself necessarily an optimist, more a realist, but seriously, even when I'm having a p*ssy day or even had an argument, after I've allowed myself to step back from the situation and give things some pondering time, I can always come away with a lesson learned.

I've realized that I began this 'soul searching' routine when I was probably around my early 30's.
I don't know is this comes with age, wisdom or the fact that I feel like I need to be able to make sense of situations?
But whatever the cause this is something that I've taught myself to do.

This last problem with the finances really did help to open my eyes to some things:

1~I need to be more in control of staying on top of where our money goes.
Mike does not make sound financial decisions when it comes to where our money should go.

2~I need to track our spending better, and defiantely not leave this up to him.
(note the use of words here) I've allowed him to do this time & time again when he's proven to me that he just can't do it.

3~Dealing with the lack of finances=stress, arguments, worry & worst of all? Did say.......stress?
I will not allow my family to go through this again.
(I think Dave Ramsey calls this "Being sick & tired of being sick & tired?")

4~This has also helped me to refocus on my family's financial goals.
While paying our bills on time is a significant step, we have 2 bills from past accounts (I say this, because 1 of them is an old cc. that has been cut up & cancelled and we've been paying the balance for about 1.5 years now)it is not enough.
I am in the process of rebudgeting to get one of those paid off by the end of the year.
The other one will take a bit longer, but once the first one is paid off, then the whole "snowball" thing will go into effect.
Then, other than our mortgage, we will be completely debt free, just in time for our oldest to go off to college.

5~I hate this old saying, but seriously, whatever the situation, "This too shall pass", maybe not necessarily the way we percieve that it should, but however it works out, will be what we will have & we have to learn to be okay however things play out.

6~Even if you have a small stockpile, when you find yourself in a very particular hairy situation, those supplies will go much further than you realize.

7~If you don't have a stockpile? START NOW!!!
Because you do not know when it might save your sanity, just having this one huge worry taken care of will leave you to focus on the bigger problem.
If you do not have a stockpile, how to feed your family *WILL* become your biggest worry.
Do NOT allow this to happen!

That is all.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Very good and valid points. Thank you.