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Already dealing with unforeseen obstacles~

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by , 06-03-2009 at 09:02 AM (1596 Views)
Okay, so with us now being into June & also beginning our new budgeting system & envelope system, I have already come across some things that need to be addressed.

1~I need to add one more envelope to my system, for the pets. How I forgot this one I dunno.
But this will cover vet. visits, hearguard & heartworm meds., etc.

2~Learning to be realistic with your budgeting amounts makes it much easier to live within a budget.
When I budgeted $140.00 each month for gas, but we in all actuality spend almost double that = $260.00.
It makes it much harder to get things to balance out at the end of the month, without having to move money around from somewhere else.

Also when showing the numbers/budgets to your spouse and having them make sure that said numbers are estimated about right and he agrees, don't believe him.

3~Be cautious not to spend any 'extra' money while going through your trial run of your budget (the first couple of months), or else you are guaranteed to come up short somewhere else and need that money.

Thankfully I did not do this but did come close twice this week.

4~This is a biggie. Make sure when writing out your budget, that you also include due dates for each bill that you pay.
This does a couple of things. It gives you an opportunity to know what needs to be paid out of which payday and also eliminates any late charges.
These can add up.

Trying to work from Mike's system being 'out of whack', I have already paid $16.00 in late fees, along with having to pay past due amounts on two different bills, equally $137.64.

So between the two, I now have to pay an additional $154.64 this month.
Plus having to make the adjustment to the gas budget for the month, this now brings this total up to almost $275.00.

So, for us, it was a huge amount of money.

Now a couple other notes about dealing with budgeting.
Know going into this that it's a brand new way of thinking.
Anything new & different will take time to adjust to, not just by you but your entire family.

Don't be surprised if you come across to the family as the 'bad guy'. At this point I dunno care as long as our bills get paid *on time*, and all of our necessary needs are met.

Rememeber when I talked about allowing yourself some 'adjustment time'?
Don't forget it.
You will need at least a minimum of two months to get a system in place that will work for your family and I've found myself already having to do some 'tweaking' and I'm only about 4 days in.

I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Yes, you will become the 'bad guy' but it will be worth it for you and your family in the end. Great job!
  2. madhen's Avatar
    Fantastic tips!! Thanks for letting us learn through your growing pains!
  3. hollyhill's Avatar
    Thank-you for sharing!
    It is so important to explain the reality not just the ideal situation!
    I haven't even been able to think about a budget yet..... hope to get there soon....
  4. IndigoMom's Avatar
    It does take time, but it is SO worth it. Even if you have to be the bad guy for a while.