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Random Musings...

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by , 07-11-2010 at 07:59 PM (1206 Views)
As always...it seems I continue to be random with posting to my blog as well~lol

Things I've been giving alot of thought to lately?
Spending money...*or* the lack thereof~~I've realized that there are several 'big ticket items' that we have put off purchasing due mostly because we seem to spend too much money on all of the little things...

I am not talking about the "latte factor" here...oo noooo, I'm talking about having 4 different types of shampoo in my shower, 5 or 6 types of different cleaners under my kitchen sink, bottles of lotions & body sprays that I may or may not ever use, or even 8 different lip balms, etc.

While reading back through my blog, I've come to realize that working within our budget and trying to incorporate the "envelope system"...I also need to stop the frivolous spending.

Just because I don't spend over $20.00 on a pair of jeans or more than $10.00 on a shirt (unless it's a special occasion) still doesn't justify our spending in other areas of our lives.

Some people do yard sales, or people do Dollar Tree type stores, but if you're reading this...you know where you are spending you're "latte" money.

I have decided to prioritize my wants/needs more clearly & try to focuse more on exactly where our money is going~~

I think spending more money on making our house more a home is very high on my priority list...

I do not spend alot of money on most household items such as curtains, area rugs, appliances and I can't remember the last time I bought any kind of home 'decorations' and so on.
But I've come to realize that those might be items that will enhance out lives more fully because we spend alot of time at home, therefore it would make alot more sense to put more money into things to make our home more comfortable for us all.

So how do you prioritize what's most important in you're life or rather...how do you rationalize with yourself about what to spend & when??

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