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Right on schedule...and Dave would not be happy ;o)

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by , 07-15-2010 at 11:25 AM (1632 Views)
Ok so alot of people here do a 'modified' DR plan, which to me, that is what he intended all along...to take his advice and use it in our own lives/situations in order to get in better shape financially, (hearing Greebo in the background spouting off DR quotes here~hehe).

In order to stay on schedule and get our very last cc. paid off (next to the last debt besides our house), we will be dipping into our BEF.
Yeah, yeah, yeah...I hear all the comments being made~

*But* this is our plan, so by the end of July, the only other monthly bill that will be left is a 20K consumer loan, which* if my scheduling was done right, we should be able to get this paid off within the next 1.5 years, I'm really reaching for within the next year.
Quicker if I ever find another job...

I am at that point where we are sooo close to being debt free (besides our house) that it seems almost unbelievable, that for the very first time in my adult life I will be completely and utterly debt free!!!
On the flip side of that...it seems almost unreachable...although I know deep down that it's really happening, what an AWESOME feeling this is!!

While alot of people will not understand this statement...I am so glad that my kids were able to see us go through this transformation...
They are both teens and I *think* at very pivotal ages that what they've heard and seen within our family will stay with them for the rst of their lives.

When we discuss bills, interest rates, driving only cars that are paid for, paying off accounts & the EF, they know what all of those things mean...
I know when my 15 dd. and I talk about the other kids at school wearing designer clothes, she's made comments about how their parents probably bought them with a cc. and how they probably have alot of debt.
So I know that things are soaking in, they are realizing things that most other teens aren't even aware of yet.
That a $10.00 shirt at Old Navy feels the same as a $35.00 one at Hollister.

When we discuss their future plans, we talk about paying for college as they go, both of them working themselves through college, applying for scholarships and saving to pay for their cars & houses.
Living at home to save money, working within a budget.

This is just the way it is...nothing else is even an option.

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  1. frugalwarrior2's Avatar
    We dipped to pay the CC and I'm glad. We are paying for Comm. Coll. cash for 1 and the next starts in June. Gives them a year more to mature at home anyway. My kids know a S.A. 5/5. shirt feels the same as an old navy shirt. And may even be from there.lol.
    Go baby go!!
  2. nodmicks's Avatar
    Your doing great! We bent the plan to work for us also. You go!!!!!
  3. cheles2kids's Avatar
    Thank-you both for you're inspiration and encouragement...

    I think it's easy for us to "get lost" in the middle of all of this saving, scrounging and paying off that we forget to step back and see how much we're accomplishing but I think that we should all take the time to do this, it helps to keep us motivated to keep pushing ahead.
  4. Early Bird's Avatar
    Would your DD consider thrift store shirts? I have found many, many of the popular brands for my oldest:

    Wet Seal
    Zoo York

    Also, we have found t-shirts with band logos, which are probably DD's favorites. Recently, we'd had 10 minutes to thrift, and she picked out a shirt with "Long Live Rock" on it. I washed it, and, when I was folding it, realized it was from an Arrowsmith concert. She paid $1.00
  5. Early Bird's Avatar
    Another comment. If your DD is more into classic clothing, I have found Ralph Lauren, Pendelton, and such for my OTHER teen -- wonderful condition and thrift store prices.