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Another Expensive Month

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by , 04-27-2009 at 04:13 PM (1122 Views)
It never ends, does it? If there's one thing I've learned since becoming debt free, it's that the lack of debts doesn't mean you can stop saving for emergencies. Because crap continues to happen.

We got home from our nice anniversary weekend away to find a dead AC unit. DH thinks it's the compressor, but he's not an electrical guy. I called a repairman first thing this morning and he failed to show up, or even call and say he wasn't coming. I have another guy lined up for tomorrow, and we're on a standby list for tonight with a 3rd company, and on a wait list for Thursday with a 4th. Because the way it seems to work around here is you call 2 or 3 repair people a day for about a week before one of them actually shows up to do the job. Sad, isn't it?

Edit: I got someone out this evening and the compressor is toast. We're looking at at least 2 grand for a replacement. At least it's tax deductible.

Then just to top it all off, I broke a tooth. Flossing, no less. I don't get cavities, my teeth just split down the middle. I'm pretty sure it's going to end up being *at least* a crown, and at worst we're talking root canal. Joy.

I did the grocery shopping this morning. There was not a lot on sale this week that I would buy. Seemed like it was all junk food and convenience products. So, I got:

eggs .97
pot pie 2.50
muffins 1.99
brussel sprouts 1.38
salad 1.50
green onions .69
leeks 2.99
tomatoes 2.50
onion 1.22
pork ribs 5.16
arm roast 5.90

Both the meat items were discounted, the pack of ribs is huge and will feed us 3 dinners. The pot pies were on sale, each feeds two, and they are one of the things I keep on hand for emergency dinners. I also bought almost $20 in cleaning products (bulk sizes). Total this week: 51.56 with tax.


-- leek and potato soup (have potatoes and broth on hand)
-- arm roast (carrot and potato on hand)
-- pork ribs and broccoli (left from last week)
-- ham and brussel sprouts (stockpile ham, separated into serving sizes and frozen)
-- chopped bbq sandwiches and salad with tomatoes (leftover bbq and buns)
-- ? and brussel sprouts
-- ? and salad with tomatoes

I have chicken and pork chops in my freezer stockpile, and will see what we are in the mood for.

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  1. nancycg56's Avatar
    I'm sorry about your AC! I think there is an unwritten law in my house that the AC has to break down at least once a year ~ right now it's limping along. It's so frustrating!!!!
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your AC! I feel the same way sometimes...... never getting ahead of the game.

    Root canal! I never do a root canal unless it is a front tooth that people can see...just another way to get more money of of me.
  3. madhen's Avatar sprouts. I eat those by themselves as a meal.

    Speaking as someone who just had to chunk out $7,000 for a new roof (which was estimated at about half that), you have my sympathies on the AC unit!!
  4. phoeny_moonstar's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your AC unit. It always sucks to have to repair something like that...

    Your food purchases sound sooo yummy!