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Men Sure Are Expensive

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by , 06-15-2009 at 01:43 PM (4120 Views)
DH told me back in May that he wanted to go clothes shopping. He works in an office, and while their dress code is pretty casual he likes to keep a neat and professional appearance, which means that as soon as something gets a hole or a stain he won't wear it to work. To his credit, he changes out of his good clothes when he gets home, to make things last longer.

Anyway, I told him to wait until this month, because I was sure there would be Father's Day sales on mens clothing. Sure enough, Kohl's is having a big sale this week.

I like Kohl's. They carry the better quality brand names, but they are not too upscale that I can't afford it, and they are always having a sale of some kind. Plus they have clearance racks year round. We always seem to end up there for clothes, so I applied for a credit card with them last year -- and they actually gave it to me! I hope to re-establish a credit history with responsible use. Another advantage, if you use the card every couple of months or more, they send regular discount coupons to card holders.

I got the coupon last week, and they do that thing where you randomly get 10-30% off. Well, I got one for 20% off, which is pretty cool, considering it applies to everything, even sale and clearance merchandise.

So we went shopping Friday. Holy crap, but menswear is expensive! $55 for a light sweater! $70 for casual shoes! $49 for a plain shirt! DH easily spent twice what I did. I had to get a new pair of jeans after ripping the knees out of a pair moving furniture, and some underwear, and I found a shirt on clearance for $3.(originally $32) Thank goodness it was all on SALE and we didn't pay full price for any of those items. The sweater, for example, ended up being about $15 in the end because...

We got in line and got all the way through ringing up stuff and the belt DH picked out had no price tag on it. DH offered to go back and get one with a tag, and the girl ringing us up said "If you let me total this up and ring the belt later when he gets back I'll give you the 30% discount instead of the 20%". There were about 6 people behind us waiting, so I said "Sounds good to me!"

With all the discounts we ended up getting over $400 in clothes for less than half that cost. And I don't have to pay for it until July, not that it's an issue, and I will pay the total balance due so there is no interest added.

Then on Saturday he offered to go grocery shopping with me. I like having DH along, but I always dread the side effects, LOL! Sure enough, stuff starts appearing in the cart. Gum. Bottles of juice. A pound of gourmet chocolate. A new magazine.... So we went over budget. It's not a big deal, now that we are debt free and the occasional splurge is not going to ruin us. And I sure wouldn't trade the time together, even doing something simple like grocery shopping... but I think next week I'm going shopping alone!

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  1. Domestic Gal's Avatar
    I love Kohls. I too have there CC and always pay it off every month.
    DD found a bed set she wants. We went to the store to look at it because I wanted to know the thread count of it.
    They did not have it in the queen size she needs so I am going to order it on line today.
    I only got the 20% off but I am sure I can google and find the 30% off code so I will save even more.
    Plus if you order $75 or more you get free shipping. So if my total is not over $75 I always add in a Gift Card to boost up my total to $75 and then give the Gift Card as gifts or use them when they are not having the % off sale.
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Wow you really got some great deals! Way to go for watching for the sales!