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Freezer Challenge -- week 3

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by , 11-13-2009 at 10:52 PM (5259 Views)
Clearing the freezer before the fridge dies... beginning of week 3...

I can see on my list how much stuff I have used up but when I open the freezer it still seems packed with containers.

The tally so far:

bbq ribs gone
lamb for gyros
puff pastry used some
pot pie filling gone
meatballs (dinner)
kielbasa (dinner) gone
tomato sauce (pizza) used some
roasted tomatoes (pasta) used some
whole tomatoes (soup) used some
dirty rice (dinner)
peas gone
bbq beef (for bbq beans) used some
pesto used some
won ton wraps (chinese dumplings)
choc chips
cheesy corn gone
refried beans gone
cube steak (dinner) gone
chicken thighs (fajitas) gone
breakfast sausg gone
ground pork (chinese dumplings)
pot roast
green chilis
cincy chili (chili dogs) gone
chicken breast gone
short ribs (dinner)
ham end (soup)
smoked pork
corned beef
maple sausage (pigs in blankets)
bbq pork
baked beans gone
hot dogs (chili dogs) gone

I am adding 1/2 lb of ground turkey to the list.

Meals for week 3:

-- chili
-- maple sausage rolls
-- apple salad, soup, breadsticks
-- quesadillas, soup
-- chinese/stir fry
-- ??
-- ??

I have breadsticks and tortillas that need to be used up so that is why we are having the two soup meals.

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  1. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    At least your fridg is holding on hopefully till you can finish everything.
  2. NikoSan999's Avatar
    Looks like you're making great progress.. Maybe it will hold on another month. And the upcoming meals sound really good.