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Nearly there (freezer challenge)

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by , 11-27-2009 at 10:24 PM (3135 Views)
So here is where we're at:

lamb for gyros
puff pastry used some
meatballs (dinner) gone
tomato sauce (pizza) used some
roasted tomatoes (pasta) used some
whole tomatoes (soup) used some
dirty rice (dinner)
bbq beef (for bbq beans) used some
pesto used some
won ton wraps (chinese dumplings) used some
choc chips
ground pork (chinese dumplings) gone
green chilis used some
walnuts used some
short ribs (dinner)
smoked pork
corned beef
bbq pork (sandwiches)

We ate the meatballs and I made chinese dumplings this week, and I used up some of the chilis in a post-thanksgiving tortilla soup. Unfortunately Thanksgiving takes up several days, what with the turkey and leftovers so I did not have as many opportunities to use up stuff.

For week 5, Nov 27-Dec 5: Will probably get to the pierogies this week because I have finally used the last of the giant bag of potatoes I got a few weeks ago. The puff pastry may make its final appearance on some turkey pot pie. Also, the dirty rice looks like it will make an showing as it has been a few weeks since we last had that.

As for the rest, it is unlikely that the tamales,
sauerkraut, smoked pork, or corned beef will get eaten soon. The tamales are not that good and will probably get thrown out. Likewise, the corned beef may be too burned to eat with the sauerkraut. And I'm just not in the mood for the smoked pork.

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