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  1. 5 lbs for $1.88

    by , 09-08-2014 at 12:18 PM
    Well, the sales I wait for are here. Five pound bags of carrots, onions and beets are on sale for $1.88. Along with ten pound bags of potatoes. This is when I stock up and spend an afternoon peeling, slicing, and blanching Thanks to the farmers market, I've already loaded up on kale and beets, and my freezer is starting to fill up for the winter months. There's something about looking in at all those little baggies and containers that just makes my frugal heart sing! lol
    I wish I were ...

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  2. Burning A Hole In My Pocket

    by , 10-22-2013 at 12:00 AM
    I am trying not to beat myself up for my months of squandering cash. I navigated my way back to FV to rekindle the love of frugality I once had, and to review the Challenges that I have not attempted in a long, long time.
    I look around my home and I see all this stuff I've collected. Stuff, such as knitting pattern magazines, that I certainly don't NEED but felt I truly wanted when I bought them. Magazines full of patterns that I won't ever knit. How sad is that?
    There's other ...
  3. March-ing Right Along

    by , 03-06-2013 at 01:13 PM
    It's been a long time since I've posted to my blog. I cancelled the internet at home a few years ago (or more?) and use the Library's computer to check emails, etc. I often find I am not online long enough to do much more. Surfing seems to be more fun when you're relaxing at home, I guess. Anyhoo....
    My DD is moving out of home in a matter of months and it got me thinking: will she be a spendthrift or a frugal queen? I started writing a list of ways I save money, to include in the cookbook ...
  4. Thank you!

    by , 02-24-2009 at 08:43 PM
    I recently sent an email to my friends in town. The email contains a link to FV.
    If it weren't for Frugal Village, I don't think I would have been able to accomplish all that I have. I have been a single mother of two for 11 years now, and I did it without child support payments for 8 of those years! I stumbled across the link for FV when I was researching ways to decrease my expenses. And am I ever glad that I did!
    The knowledge that I have gleaned from the many members of this site ...
  5. Love Thyself

    by , 02-22-2009 at 11:14 AM
    The winter can be a difficult time for many of us financially and emotionally. For people like myself, who suffer from depression, it can be the hardest season of all. I do what I can to get out into the sunlight, to limit the junk food and caffeine, take my medication, and talk. With all that I do, however, I recently found myself going through a relapse, of sorts. So, I started reading about ways to help myself re-focus and basically just cheer myself up. It occured to me that many of us, even ...
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