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5 lbs for $1.88

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by , 09-08-2014 at 11:18 AM (6805 Views)
Well, the sales I wait for are here. Five pound bags of carrots, onions and beets are on sale for $1.88. Along with ten pound bags of potatoes. This is when I stock up and spend an afternoon peeling, slicing, and blanching Thanks to the farmers market, I've already loaded up on kale and beets, and my freezer is starting to fill up for the winter months. There's something about looking in at all those little baggies and containers that just makes my frugal heart sing! lol
I wish I were confident with canning. I've made jams and marmalades, but I always worry that something will go wrong in the process so I haven't experimented any further. I've read articles on contaminated jarring and it scares me. Does anyone here know ways to guarantee that the effort would go unspoiled?
Aside from that, I'm working on an all handmade Christmas, again. I think I even convinced my Mother it is a good idea. She usually goes overboard with her gifting (read: spends too much money on everyone). But we both dragged out our sewing machines this summer, so I'm hoping to find at least one handmade gift with my name on it I'm going to making bottle cap magnets as stocking stuffers. I'm also doing a wee bit of knitting, but I really want to try something different so I'm going to sew everyone a little something. I'm thinking about sticking to good ole fashioned pot holders and oven mitts. Seems a little out-dated, but when they're handmade I think they're special

Oh! I have a Grandson! He's 15 months now and cute as a button! Yeah, I know...I'm a young Gma But what a blessing!

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  1. KimB's Avatar
    Congratulations on becoming a grandma!
    Great job stocking up for the winter. I have never canned so can't give you any advice.
    Handmade gifts are great, especially if they are useful like the potholders. You are doing great!