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daughter of pearl

Angry Spending!!

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by , 07-30-2008 at 04:54 PM (1185 Views)
Okay, so today I figured out one of my big triggers for impulse spending...anger! I am sooo angry at a friend of mine right now (long story involving lots of passive aggression from her and hopping up and down like a lunatic trying to get her to say something from me).

In any case, after I left her today, all I wanted to do was go shopping, spend money randomly on things I a)don't need and b) have no business felt like addiction, like that reckless little voice in your head that says, "Oh, go on, you deserve it. One drink/drug/cupcake won't hurt!"

Yes, yes it will!!

So with little to protect me in the way of willpower, I have rushed home and am shoving all my furniture up against the door until sanity returns.

And they say self-awareness is a good thing!!

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