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daughter of pearl

The Seven Stages of Shopping at Michael's

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by , 08-01-2008 at 06:39 PM (1457 Views)
So today, in the guise of "buying stuff for my youth program at work", a colleague and I went to Michael's Craft Store...

First came Stage 1, Awe: for someone like myself, who loves crafting and tries to give handmade gifts, Michael's is like a place of worship. I was speechless with shopper's gratitude that such a place could exist.

After Awe came Stage 2, Excitement: look at all the pretty, pretty things!! Think of all the possibilities that exist with every item! Look at the great big bins full of $1 Sale Items!!

Next came Reason, though it did not stay long: the feeling that in fact one must think rationally about the purpose of each purchase, and the likelihood that it will really be used to create the imagined possibilities.

Oh, what the heck...who needs Reason when you have Stage 4, Justification: many of the things I want are for work-related activities so therefore will be expensed and the few things I am buying for my personal use are practically negligible in the grand scheme of things.

At this point we are through most of the store, and I have talked myself into a few purchases based on the I Will Use Them For Christmas Gifts theory of shopping. Now we are approaching the check out.

Stage 5: Panic. How much money╔ For what╔ Maybe I can sneak some of these things back onto the shelves without anyone seeing me...

Stage 6: Denial. There is no way a couple of yards of ribbon, two rubber stamps some spray paint and a few wooden picture frames cost that much...oh, yes, I see, its the iron on transfers and the glass etching creme...oh, and the fabric paint and the glue sticks...mmhmm...

And finally as we are driving out of the parking lot, Stage 7 sets in: Regret. I should really have picked up that scrap book organizer while I was up here. It would have been good to get the thingy that allows you to cut your own stencils, that would raelly be useful...argh!!!

In any case, after looking carefully at my purchases, I dont regret spending the money, because it all will be put to good use, and much of it will be used to defray Christmas costs.

I remain, however, mystified by how my brain works when given free reign!!

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  1. Holly's Avatar
    those 7 reasons get me in trouble to at Michaels.
  2. reginaastralis's Avatar
    I used to work at Michael's, and I used to joke that I was paying them for me to work there. I don't think it was much of a joke, in honesty though.

    One thing I do there, is I have to find a pretty quiet place in the store and check to see if it's something I'll really use. I do this at all stores, honestly, but I HAVE to do it at Michael's.