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daughter of pearl

Excavating My Authentic Self

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by , 08-15-2008 at 09:42 PM (4303 Views)
So I am reading this book by Sarah Ban Breathned, and I am having the weirdest experience. She talks in the book about how to reconnect with who you were intended to be before life handed you concrete, makes-sense-to-other-people-so-must-be-the-right-choice kind of options.

And suddenly, I am remembering being 15 years old, just pior to some trauma and then an excellated path to adulthood, and LOVING theatre and comedy. Loving performing in front of an audience, and making people laugh!! And feeling confident in my ability to do so.

And so...I am joining a local theatre company, and I have started writing some sketch comedy (nothing fabulous, but it feels good to do something that I had forgotten was a joy in my life).

So there you go...at 44 11/12's, it is possible to wake up and remake yourself!

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  1. Guest57's Avatar
    I have to go shopping for that book now!