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daughter of pearl

Bald Versus Wooly

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by , 08-17-2008 at 08:33 PM (2634 Views)
Okay, so this has absolutely nothing to do with living a frugal lifestyle, it is more of an editorial.

I was in a coffee shop today, and there was a man sitting across from me with what I can only describe as, well, a flattened poodle on his head. He was about 50 years old, and otherwise looked like the picture of health and success. Except for the flattened poodle on his head.

Now I know that baldness is for some men what menopause is for women: it makes them questions their worth, their virility and their attractiveness. However, I also see everyday examples of very good looking bald men.

Now let's be clear: I am not talking about bad comb-over baldness, but well-groomed bald men are very attractive.

Not so men with flattened lap dogs on their heads!!

I felt genuine sadness for this man, in the way that I do when I see 55 year old women desperately chasing youth, sporting belly tops and mini skirts way past their body's ability to pull it off.

Maybe this is about frugality afterall...maybe this is about understanding that what we have in life is what we have, and it is what we are supposed to make do with, create our lives and our happiness around.

Maybe this is about needs versus wants: wanting to turn back time, but needing to face reality and embrace who we are and what we have.

And not faking it - we don't fool anyone anyway, and it is not worthy of who we are really meant to be.

PS - Apologies to bald men and poodles everywhere!

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