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daughter of pearl

"Accidental" Calculator Recon

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by , 07-29-2008 at 11:16 AM (1122 Views)
Okay, so last night I say down with a calculator to try to figure out what I owe in taxes...half way through calcuations, the calculator blew a fuse (?) and stopped showing the digital printout for the third and fourth digits.

Out came the paper and pencil...figured out the math.

Then sat looking at broken, cheap-ass calculator! Looking and plotting...

OKay, tore it apart into little pieces, which was great fun after an evening of math!

Then I took all the pieces, and made:

three little robot magnets from the non-numeric keys by gluing them together and adding wire arms and legs!

two glass pendants which i painted with craft paint!

a set of numerical magnets for my grandson to use to practice fridge math!

There is also a funny looking textured rubber mat which I am using for a jar opener.

Not bad for a broken, cheap-ass calculator!

Now the taxes, that's another story...

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  1. Gabe's Avatar
    Funny one! ;) Take a picture next time and upload it!