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FREE & Nearly Free Stuff

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by , 10-24-2009 at 12:58 AM (5473 Views)
Could it REALLY be? I just wanted to share a money saving habit I have picked up with FV.

My girlfriends and I discovered that at CVS you can pretty much get things for FREE.

Here's how it works:
In the beginning, you must spend money on an item, maybe between $5-$20, whatever YOU choose, that offers "CVS Bucks" back to you, hopefully in the same dollar increment. In other words, if its a five dollar item, hopefully you are being offered five "CVS Bucks" back in return for buying the item. These "CVS Bucks" show up on a CVS card - which is also free. This is the only way to start this "FREE" CYCLE.

Then in turn, AFTER 24 hrs from date of your purchase, you can use your CVS cards invisible "CVS Bucks" to buy another item.

However, in order to keep this "FREE" part going, you must use it only on items that offer MORE CVS Bucks back to you. They are usable on items that do not offer CVS Bucks back, you just wont get any more CVS Bucks back. That, in turn, would end your "CVS Bucks" and the ability to get stuff for free. So its in your best interest to buy the products WITH a higher "CVS Buck" return.

We found that some of the CVS Buck items were useless to us, or we had no interest. WELL ..... others might. Also, you must use them within so many days (I believe 30 - but not sure), or they expire.

We would "buy" stuff anyone, just to keep it going, and then we'd use them as Christmas gifts to others in the family who DID have an interest in an item that I didn't use.

For example, in addition to the CVS Buck theory, I also bought a Diabetic Sugar Tester for $90.00. It had a mail-in rebate offer for ... you guessed it $90 rebate. That means it was FREE. Everyone has elderly people in their family, some of which cant afford a tester due to lack of insurance. So, it made me feel good to give a gift of higher value that was FREE to me instead of the usual $20.00 gift! Plus its good for them to stay healthy by monitoring their sugar.

Some of the make-ups, body spa soaps and lotions, and hair accessories went to the younger girls in the family who appreciated them more.

I got popular at Christmas REAL quick. People loved it. Its a good way to make sure an unwanted item you can get is appreciated by others with a need..... and all for FREE.


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  1. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    Thank you Sandi. I must always let mine expire. But I will try your method. Looks like a great deal to me.
  2. NikoSan999's Avatar
    I definitely appreciated it. Keep up the good work and keep posting.
  3. Imarachne's Avatar
    Woohoo ! Thats exactly what I've been trying to do this month. So far I got one gift item and got extra bucks and I got hair dye ( blush !) and got extra bucks, These I plan to get a gift item for free ! Lets compare ideas !