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And there's a time to share...

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by , 12-01-2009 at 10:49 AM (2587 Views)
Ok people, here is what I have decided. I started this blog because I was "desperate" to have an outlet. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being a stay at home Dad but I feel that I have lost my identity. I was my job, I lived, ate, and breathed the organic and natural foods industry. It was, and is, my passion.

I have been a part of the industry for 8 years in many ways, grocery manager, store manager, consultant to businesses like Garden of Life & Body Ecology, schools like the Florida Culinary Institute/New England Tech, I have been a product consultant for books such as the New York Times Bestseller the "Maker's Diet" by Jordan Rubin, lecturer, and organic educator.

Here is what some of the people I have mentioned have to say about me:

"Matt Russell is extremely knowledgeable about the organic sector of the natural products industry. Even more important than his knowledge is his passion for contributing to people's good health. Matt has recommended to me many excellent natural and organic brands of foods, health and beauty aids and home cleaning supplies that I have recommended in my books and used for my family. When I need a good source for virtually anything, Matt is who I call."

Jordan S. Rubin
Founder of Garden of Life
Author of the New York Times Bestseller, The Maker's Diet

"In a business climate seriously devoid of knowledge, service and care, Matt adds total value."

Charles H. Halliday
Florida Culinary Institute

"I and my company, Body Ecology, have on a few occasions, had the opportunity to work with Matt. In dealing with him we have had the pleasure of Matt's expertise on organics and the industry.
Matt has been a fresh, open minded and informative benefit to Body Ecology. He has contributed in helping Body Ecology in our pursuit of spreading a constantly expanding body of knowledge that focuses on the benefits of establishing and maintaining an inner ecosystem.
Matt would be a great benefit to any company or organization that is entering into or expanding in the rapidly growing health, wellness, and organic industries."

Donna Gates
Founder of Body Ecology
Author of The Body Ecology Diet

My point is, I need to use my knowledge in the industry of organics in all it's forms, food products, cleaning products, natural supplements, living green, raw foods, and just living a healthy life style in general and doing it frugally. There are so many products out there to help people. There are ways to live organically or at least live "clean" even in this economy.

I want to offer my help to anyone who is willing to read my blogs on these subjects. I am also willing to share your passion and expertise on these subjects as well.

This Desperate House Husband doesn't want to feel desperate any more! How about you?

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  1. sinopa27's Avatar
    Well, I am subscribing to this thread. I am passionate about the organics industry but I need more knowledge. I think you are just the person to share your knowledge to improve everyone here at FV. Let me say thanks because I know now that you are going to answer a lot of my questions and you are a prayer that has come true!!
  2. DespHousHusbnd's Avatar
    Thank you, any questions you have please let me know. If I can not answer them I am connected to many people who can.

    I look forward to learning and sharing with you.
  3. Sara Noel's Avatar
    Sounds great.