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Domestic Gal

Eating from the freezer/pantry

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by , 01-11-2010 at 12:12 AM (2203 Views)
This week we are going to be eating from the freezer above the fridge. and the pantry.
I want to try and eat 75% of what is in there before restocking from the big freezer.

Here is what is in there.

Bag of broccoli (used Sunday)
bag of corn
1/2 bag lima beans (used some)
bag squash (gone)
bag peas (used 1/2 bag)
bag of mixed veg
bag of oriental mix
3 cont. shredded zucchini
1/2 bag waffle fries (gone)
1/2 bag sweet pot. fries (gone)

2 bags blueberries (used some)
1 bag strawberries (gone)
1 2 cup rhubarb (gone)
6 frozen banana's

Pork Roast (used Sunday)
2 pork cutlets
2 cups diced turkey
30 meatballs (used 10)
1 lb. bacon (gone)
3 morning star farms garden burgers
4 morning star It. sausages
3 pks hotdogs (used 1)
1 cont. oysters (gone)
1 3# bag talapia
1 ham and mac. casserole (gone)
2 bags red beans (2 cups each)

2 single hamb. buns
2 bags dried bread
10 H.M. waffles (used 8 for Monday breakfast)
16 H.M. pancakes (used 10)
1 single serve soup.

Here is what we will be eating this week.
Cranberry pork roast, garlic and parmesan pot. , broccoli (pork, broccoli from freezer)
Meatball subs, fries (all from freezer plus using an open jar of sauce in fridge)
lentil soup, (new recipe) corn muffins (pantry Items)
Penny casserole (new recipe using hotdogs)squash (hot dogs, squash from freezer)
Ham and mac. casserole, corn (LO from earlier this month plus corn from freezer)
DD birthday is Friday so we may get pizza or take out

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  1. duva1080's Avatar
    I know there is a website out there, that takes the ingrediants that you have and gives you recipes to make.

    This might be it,

    I have an up right freezer and a small open top freezer, loaded with food, and my frigde's freezer that needs to be rotated out...

    You are a good role model!!! Thank You