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Domestic Gal

Everything going as planned

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by , 01-03-2009 at 01:46 PM (2186 Views)
Everything is going as planned around here.
I have only spent .57 on groceries so far.
That was on some marked down lettuce and coleslaw mix. (spent this on the 31st but am counting it for this month since we will be eating it then)

Made 4 new recipes already this year.
Tried a new crockpot oatmeal recipe using steel cut oats.
The coke pork recipe last night.
New brussel sprouts recipe
Lemon poppyseed bread recipe

They all turned out great.
The oatmeal one will be great for when DH has to be to work at 4 a.m. and wants a hot breakfast. I can get it ready the night before and will be waiting for him when he gets up.
The others will also be made again.

Breakfast yesterday was the oatmeal.
Lunch was leftover tortilla soup
Dinner was pork, rice, brussel sprouts and salad.

Breakfast today was LO oatmeal
lunch was nacho's using LO taco meat
Dinner is cooking in the crockpot potato chowder and I will make some biscuits to go with it.

I also made up some trail mix with some dried fruit, pretzels, goldfish crackers, and some nuts. Bagged them up for lunches for the week.
Baked some brownies for snacks as well.

I may not need to go to the store for at least another week. I think I have everything for dinner already.
As for fruit I hit a good deal last week. I found marked down apples for .99 for 5 lb. bags. I bought 4 bags and cooked up (made apple sauce ) or dehydrated 2 of the bags and left the other 2 bags for us to eat.
I also have a bag of oranges and some tangerines left from last week.
This should last at least a week.
I have plenty of milk in the freezer so will not need any of that. I am using powdered in all of my cooking. I do have 4 boxes of soy milk in the cabinet that we can use if needed.

I have not used the dryer yet this year either. Having put up a line in the basement is working out great. I did 2 loads yesterday and 1 today. I will do 1 tomorrow and I should be caught up for a few days.

I think I am going to make a big crockpot full of blackbean chili for a neighbor that just had a baby. DD dog sits for them. I know that they like it because I gave her the recipe and she tried it and told DD it was good.
I have everything here to make it so I think I will do it tomorrow. They are coming home today from the hospital and it should last them a few days.

So far this year the only money I have spent $2.50 to get my car washed. When we were at the B&B I think a flock of ducks thought my car was a target as they left huge droppings on it.
I am hoping to only have about 6 spend days this month.

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  1. writtenonmybody's Avatar
    You're so organized and really thinking out everything. I love that!
  2. SheKat's Avatar
    I swear sometimes those ducks and birds just have target practice on certains cars for the fun of it and when we return to our cars covered in poop they are sitting close by just laughing their little heads off.