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by , 01-04-2009 at 08:24 PM (1926 Views)
Things are finally feeling a little back to normal today.
DH has been on vacation since December 24. He went back to work today so it was just me and the kids.
Tomorrow everything should be back to normal. I go back to work and the kids go back to school.
I made a batch hot dog and hamburger buns and some cinn. rolls today.
Did a load of laundry so it is all caught up now.
We had dinner and I deboned the chicken so I could cook up the bones.

Breakfast was so of the LO oatmeal from the other day. (still about 2 servings left)
Lunch was LO from last nights Potato chowder. ( 1 serving left DH will take it for lunch tom.)
Dinner was sticky chicken, LO rice, baked sweet potato and coleslaw.
We are not big snackers here.

I used the last of the miracle whip for the coleslaw. I thought I had another in the pantry but did not find one. We do not use that much of it so I should be okay if not I will make some from scratch.
I also used the last onion. I am going to try and get by for another week using minced onion and onion powder.
I still have the bagged salad that I bought the other day so I will be serving that every night with dinner until it is gone.
I took some more milk out of the freezer and I can see a little (tiny) empty space in there.

Tomorrows menu is
Turkey Burgers
pasta salad (skipping this and having coleslaw instead)
baked beans

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    Busy, busy, busy all that baking!