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fixer's food for thought

A journey through the growing season with some observations scattered about.

  1. Could someone please help us eat all of these potatoes?

    by , 12-08-2009 at 12:52 PM (fixer's food for thought)
    I sprouted our potatoes yesterday. Due to the warmer than usual weather, they sprouted early this year. Normally, they keep until mid-Spring. I am not sure they will last that long. I don't have a good place to keep them. I use the space under the basement stairs. I dug more potatoes than ever this year. I ended up storing around 275 pounds. We have been eating them in every conceivable way. We have sworn off rice and pasta. Potatoes are our only starch for the foreseeable future. I have ...
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  2. No longer living free

    by , 12-02-2009 at 05:00 PM (fixer's food for thought)
    I broke down and turned the heat on today. It is amazing we were able to go this long. Most years we struggle to make it to the first of November. As a matter of fact, I hung clothes outside and used the grill yesterday. We hold off on the heat until the inside temperature stays in the mid fifties. I feel we are living free when the heat or air is not being used. It was fifty-three in here this morning. At five o'clock, I was awakened by my wife. It seems our cat was playing with a mouse ...
  3. A Happy Belated Thanksgiving

    by , 11-28-2009 at 12:27 AM (fixer's food for thought)
    This week has been very busy for us. Between work and tending to an ill pet, we found ourselves running behind in our preparations for Thanksgiving. We decided to postpone it until today. Or, maybe you celebrated a day early. We always make a large meal from scratch. This means we must work for several evenings beforehand. Since we didn't have the time, we cooked yesterday and celebrated today. It worked since it is just us and my parents. They are very flexible. We have always enjoyed ...
  4. Saying goodbye to an old friend

    by , 11-24-2009 at 10:59 PM (fixer's food for thought)
    We had our dog Gretel euthanized this afternoon. The lymphoma had taken a toll the last couple of days. She was still able to enjoy the ride. She even barked at some cars. The house feels so empty without her. She had been here for almost as long as we have. She would have been ten years of age in January. She was a good dog. In the time I worked nights, I never worried about my wife. Gretel was as fierce of a protector as she was sweet and lovable. We may someday have another dog, but ...
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  5. An awful trip

    by , 11-24-2009 at 02:00 PM (fixer's food for thought)
    I have a 4:30 appointment for Gretel at the vet today. She has declined a lot in the last day. This morning she fell coming back into the house. She also refused her feed this morning. I hand fed her a little. There is nothing worse than loading them into the car for what may be the last time. She has always enjoyed riding so I hope she is able to enjoy it today. I had hoped she could make it til Thanksgiving. Turkey always has been her favorite food. I really appreciate the support everyone ...
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