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I glued my fingers together being frugal

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by , 05-10-2009 at 11:49 PM (1951 Views)
Yesterday, Hoodie became tangled in a mini blind cord. I am always careful to keep them up so I am not sure what happened. He ripped it off the wall and broke it. I don't think he even knew it happened. Even though it is a cheap blind, I decided to try to glue it back together. With all due respect to the Glue Mistress, adhesives are my duct tape. I think anything can be glued back together with the right product. Unfortunately for me, I glued my fingers together. When this has happened in the past, I always reached for acetone. It always worked well for neutralizing the glue. I guess it was thrown out. It is just as well since it was in the form of Dw's finger nail polish remover. I never saw her wear fingernail polish in the twenty-one years I have known her. Luckily, I bonded skin to fingernail. I was able to use a single edge razor blade to free myself without blood loss. I have put acetone on my shopping list since this is bound to happen again.

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  1. mauimagic's Avatar
    Ouch!! I thought that the skin's natural oil would release the bonding. You poor thing.....glad there was no blood.
  2. madhen's Avatar
    I have done that in the past with super glue, and I have to admit that I just ripped the skin apart. Too impatient, I guess.

    It is funny, your comment about fingernail polish. I don't wear it either, but I usually have a bottle of the clear polish around, because it works really well as a faux polyurethane sealer on the back of rivoli beads. They have a gold leaf type finish that scratches easily, but give them a good swipe or two of nail polish, and they last forever.
  3. LastDragonfly's Avatar
    Uh Oh Hoodie...what were you thinking?

    Fixer.....ummmmm stick to duct tape. I hate doing that glue bonding thing. That's why I keep one of those mini fingernail polish remover bottles in strategic places....my pantry, my kitchen, my bedroom and the bathroom.
  4. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    You made me laugh right out loud! That has happened so many times to me with super glue and couldn't even count. I usually get impatient, rip them apart and then I am stuck with the dried up glue that won't go away for days.

    Glad there was no blood though! I think I would be too nervous to use razor blades.
  5. Sara Noel's Avatar
    Yikes. Glad you and Hoodie are OK. When I was 9 and old enough to know better, I super glued my aunt's jewelry to the bathroom counter. I don't know why. The glue was too tempting I guess.
  6. frugalwarrior's Avatar
    Oh thank you. My favorite line is: "When I have done this in the past". I have never done this. I will admit to singing my bangs and eye brows by peeking under the lid of the weber grill. The grill was put at the curb. I am only adult enough for gas grills apparently.