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The urge to purge

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by , 05-14-2009 at 10:52 PM (1902 Views)
I have had my eye on an old desk in the basement for quite some time. It occupied a corner that was ideal for the placement of a water storage drum I just purchased. The desk was thirty years old and had become a clutter magnet. I am not sure why, but when you start putting things down on something, the pile continually grows. It was not in the best of shape. I desperately wanted it gone. After all of that, I still had a hard time getting rid of it. It was not real wood so it had no salvage value. I think it is so hard to part with things because you think if you keep it you won't have to buy something to do what it will. I am a firm believer in re purposing and finding novel uses for things. I also know you will eventually fill up the space you have if you don't continually purge items. I work at doing exactly that. I did get rid of the old desk. When my wife saw what I had done,while she agreed with getting rid of the desk, she informed me the drum would work better elsewhere. Little did she know, my master plan is to put a second drum in that spot. Ah, the saga continues.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Your sneaky! I like it!
  2. IndigoMom's Avatar
    I don't even want to tell you about all the pieces we can't use because they're too big here - so they're just taking up space - space we need. Someday, maybe Dh will come up with a master plan for our basement and relieve me of the worry of it...
  3. frugalwarrior's Avatar
    Put an ad in the paper FREE Vintage DESK- UHaul. Get someone to carry it out of the bsmt. for you. ynuk,ynuk,ynuk hee hee.