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Where has the time gone

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by , 02-19-2009 at 09:29 PM (2064 Views)
I am bushed and the week is not over. I did more stockpiling. I had company, BIL over the weekend and then my brother stayed over as he is going back to Ohio to finish his RN with his GI bill. He is an LVN already. I am going to miss having him close at FT Irwin but he is going home to find a place to live and will be out by March 14,2009. I took him and his family to the airport this morning.Work has been a fire drill, one fire after another. I did stockpile quite a bit. I bought a lot of wine and got tulips for $3.00 after the discount and the wine was a great price. I also was going to buy markdown chocolate- so I used wine coupons and also got discounts on the wine purchase the chocolate was free or very low cost.My kids liked the dove chocolate in red cloth bags and my husband really liked the truffles.They also had chocolate covered pecans for .79 and markdown cheese ,meat and veggie platter for 4.99 and then I had 2- 3.00 coupon with wine purchase and produce purchase. I like to combine wine with meat or produce purchase because I was going to buy the meat or produce anyway. I kind of look on it like a loss leader. I even try and time it on sale. I think I have enough now so it has to be a great deal.I guess I can barter it if times get really tough. I have hardly had time to post but had a great weekend. I am going to work on paperwork this week and then next week pick up the working more at the second job to pay down debt.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    You really got some great deals!! Good for you!