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Estate Sale-finds

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by , 02-08-2009 at 03:01 AM (1055 Views)
I just happened to go out to the post office and grocery and saw an estate sale. I had to drop off the groceries at home and then head back. I got there at 3:30PM and it closed by 4:00PM. This is one of those sales that marks things half off at the end. So I picked up at least 5 sterling silverware pieces (1server and 1large serving fork,1 childs spoon 1 seafood fork and 1butter or jam knife, I silver plated large serving fork $2.00 and an encased milk glass vase for 1.00 a small German cream pitcher$4.Two sets of Candle sticks one is for $4.00 and the other set for $5.00 both good makers. i platter for $1.00-Metlox. I just have to look them up.An couple of work clothes thrown in for free(1sag harbor wool blazer ,1 Evan Piccone suit, and 1suit dress. All for $52.00. I keep the Sterling as a hedge for hard times, like gold.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Wow, you got some really great deals! I love milk glass! Talking about this...I really miss garage sales and can't wait for them to start!
  2. tervsforme's Avatar
    Wow, you got some great buys! I love to go to Estate Sales, my Mom and I go often!
  3. Early Bird's Avatar
    I have a great tip about keeping your silverware shiny (thanks to my MIL): After polishing or using, wrap it in Saran wrap!