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7 5 09

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by , 07-05-2009 at 09:06 AM (1467 Views)
On July third I worked hard around the house organizing and yesterday I worked on laundry. I am down to towels and curtains. I also have been organizing several cabinets. Taking inventory of medicines. I let my oldest daughter know I am meaning business. She is mad at me and told me she wasn't going to read my email. I don't think she realizes that she is done, she can either pay me the rent money to hold for her or she will be finding a room to rent by the new year outside. For the fourth we watched the fireworks from our balcony and went out to eat malaysian food.Today the goal is to finish laundry and work on paperwork.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Don't fret. It was probably a shock to her because she now realizes she has to start taking control of her own life and she might be a little scared. Once the shock wears off she will probably come to be excited about being on her own.
  2. madhen's Avatar
    Sometimes, they don't want to grow up. Doesn't mean it isn't still your job to help them do so. Good work.
  3. Luckybustert's Avatar
    It's hard, and usually not much fun, but sometimes we parents have to give our kids a push to stand on their own two feet. They'll go through the same thing with theirs one day.
  4. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    Oh well she is still mad, but hopefully channeling some of that anger into work. I think she has a chance for at least 2 -3 jobs.