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Somebody loves you

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by , 06-29-2008 at 12:33 AM (1178 Views)
I shouldn't blog after working 2 jobs. Sorry about the ramblin on yesterday. LOL I might not do any better today I have a 20 pound black cat between me and the computer monitor. My husband and son are going to the Somebody loves you crusade at the LA convention center. Our pastor Raul Ries is speaking and they have some good christian bands and singers there tonight. My husband has a few people from his work that are going. I am really proud of him, he is growing in his faith and reading the bible every day. I have been listening to Christian radio on my way to and from work. I unfortunately am not driving when " thru the bible radio is playing" I received 2 annual reports from 2 of the 5 world vision kids. These are 2 girls from Indonesia. They fortunately did not get hit during the tsunami.I am praying for the Phillipines.One of the ladies I work with,from the Phillipines said growing up a lot of her classmates were sponsored by World Vision. She is probably in her 50's now.I have been sponsoring for around 20 years or more but have not written to the kids. This year I am going to make more of an effort. We have 3 kids in Indonesia, One in Africa and one in Bangledesh. We also send money to an organization that feeds the elderly Jews in Russia. I would like to increase my giving by adding at least 2 more world vision kids. I am going to put some of the profit from my e-bay store for this. My daughter is helping to set up my store this weekend. My other favorite charities that I will donate to with some of the profits are the nature Conservancy and WWF,I would also like to give some to the Cross charity. I helps double orphaned children in Mozambique.

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