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New Years 2010

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by , 01-01-2010 at 07:19 AM (947 Views)
I Love making New Years resolutions. I like the positive feeling that people are going to try and do something good for themselves. It takes some people- that knowing that another year went by and they did not do anything to get them off the stick. I am not sure 2009 was great but we got by.Things I am thankful for( 4 healthy kids, job, and the Lords protection and guidance).My youngest daughter is going to move to Texas after her 18th Birthday to go to school so that is going to be an additional expense. But we are glad she is moving over as it looks like that may be the retirement spot. It is also causing us to escalate some of our planning. We are looking to build a place so we may have our homestead in a few years. I am working on the resolution list this morning and going to buy things to organize the office.

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  1. Sundae's Avatar
    Happy New Year to you too ! Sounds like this could be an interesting year for ya.