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1 9 2010

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by , 01-09-2010 at 09:35 AM (567 Views)
Today is a shopping and organizing day. I still have a few returns and will check the last of the clearance sales. I will also be paying property taxes. I will be working on my goals for reading. I am doing the challenge of the Bible in one year and I will read Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levine. I guess they had a snow storm in Ohio and am thankful for living in Southern CA at this time. I am hoping to get some work done outside and do some planting.I attended a really good seminar this week on coding for Interventional Radiology and also will be attending an ICD10 training class in February so I can be a trainer of coders in the new code system that comes out in 2013. I hate to say I am excited about it- That is when you know you are a nerd.LOL I did go out eat out so my first eat out day- We had a happy hour after work. I spent $10 on the food and tip- good specials but someone picked up my drink tab. All my visiting kids have left, and the youngest daughter has hardly been home. So it has been quiet. I will try and post my stockpile later. Have a good one everyone.

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