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1 14 2010

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by , 01-14-2010 at 07:32 AM (539 Views)
I am still not organized but am getting there. We are expecting some big storms coming in next week. So I really need to get things done this weekend in preparation. I have 2 more pineapple plants that hopefully I can get started.My one from last year is doing well, but that could have been just luck. I picked up a bunch of meat markdown and salads last night. We had the one of the salads with the cherry tomatoes that I grew. My husband asked where we got the tomatoes as they were so good. I wish I had more.I will also plant a banana tree out front. The puppy tore out all of the ones in the back last year.I had a couple of meetings at work. I also ended up staying late so it messed up my walking. I will try and do the treadmill tonight.My cousin started a new Chemotherapy this week- any prayers would be welcomed.

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