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1 10 2010

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by , 01-10-2010 at 08:27 PM (619 Views)
So far I have been very good about the exercise challenge. I have walked with the DH at Puddingstone Reservoir close to our house. It is beautiful over there so the time passes quickly. I did my three times last week and already one time for this week. I have been taking my vitamins regularly. I have only ate out once with some people at the office (we went to Happy Hour and I spent $10 including the tip. Someone picked up my drink tab. I did get a free dollar coupon at the Target Cafe so will either treat my daughter or use that one myself. We bought the cat a wave shaped scratcher, hoping she will leave the new carpet on the stairs alone.I am having scalloped potatoes and steamed chicken. My daughter made some cheddar biscuits like at Red Lobster, so I will bake the rest of the batch tonight. I did my returns at JCPenney and they had 75% off selected items. I bought 2 pairs of shoes for under $15 each and a pair of Low boots for under $20. I harvested some tomatoes off a cherry tomato plant. I will bring them to work to eat with cottage cheese.

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